Fluval Edge 6 Gallon – The Complete Review

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Buying a new aquarium can be needlessly complicated. There are so many factors to take into account when buying individual components. Also, the cost goes up considerably when purchasing items singly.

I’ve found that aquarium kits like the Fluval Edge 6 Gallon make shopping easier because nearly everything is included within the box. The final price for these all-inclusive kits are often cheaper than buying accessories separately. 

Fluval also has an eye for aquarium artistry other manufacturers can’t compete with! Its also a great aquarium for that new betta fish your thinking about.

Fluval Edge 6-Gallon Aquarium

The best 10 gallon fish tank


  • Very high turnover rate (GPH: tank volume 5:1 to 3:1 ratio)
  • Specifically designed compartments to avoid water bypass
  • Spacious, well-separated media compartments with Tote Handles for easy maintenance
  • Included media covers all three filtration stages


  • Not the quietest filter
  • Large even for a canister filter

The Fluval Edge 6 Gallon aquarium setup not only eases the aquarium, filter, and lighting selection process but does so with style. The simple square light fixture over the glass opening is especially unique in design and enables a sealed top dimension without sacrificing access.

I find that the Fluval Edge is ideal for aquarists in need of a stylish kit for a home or office space. The minimalist layout is a natural fit for dark substrates, aquatic plants, and the small numbers of fish a 6-gallon aquarium can sustain. 

Aquarists who want more water volume for well-populated, diverse community tanks should be looking for a larger setup. 6 gallons is fine for a school of danios, a couple of snails, and a betta. Any more than that is straining the carrying capacity of this aquarium.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fish tank

When considering the sort of aquarium and supplies I need, I always think about the following:

  • Available Space: where in my home will the aquarium be going? Do I have room for a 55 gallon long or should I instead be considering a 10-gallon cube? Is my tabletop strong enough to support a 5-gallon nano tank or should I buy a stand? 
  • Animal and Plants: I should have some idea of what I want to do with my tank before I buy one. If I’m looking to populate it with a group of schooling tetras and live plants my needs are very different from an aquarist in the mood for a Rift Lake cichlid hardscape.
  • Additional Accessories: What size hood and stand goes with a 20-gallon long aquarium? Do I want bright lighting or something more subdued? What about the filter and water conditioner?

Taking all of these factors into account, sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming to browse the selection of tanks and accessories in a pet store. 

That’s why I usually recommend all-on-one aquarium kits for beginners looking for a high-quality setup. They take the guesswork out of researching every possible filter/tank/light/hood combination so you can move to the fun part: acclimating and caring for fish and plants! 

On the other hand, all-in-one setups are not for advanced aquarists who prefer specific accessories. Kit setups cater to generalist needs over specialists who want the brightest plant lights or additional space for custom filter media.

Features of the Fluval Edge 6 Gallon tank

360 Degree Aesthetics 

Everything about this aquarium is geared towards aesthetics. And one of the most impressive features is also the most subtle.

The Fluval Edge has an elevated, recessed base that’s actually smaller in footprint than the aquarium itself. When combined with a suitable stand it creates the appearance of an aquatic rectangle floating in space.

Not only is the bottom view well-considered but the top is also impressive. Instead of a wide-open design, the Fluval Edge is sealed except for the relatively small top access panel. The access panel is capped by the LED light unit. 

You can therefore fill the Fluval Edge until the entire cube is filled with water. Trying this with a traditional aquarium runs the risk of splashing or shorting out your light bulbs.

Since the top is fully sealed each of the four side viewing angles are unmarred by the black plastic edging most tanks come with.

The top view is something no other aquarium system can match! You don’t need to remove the hood or light fixture to look from above. And when the Fluval Edge is full there are no ripples from the filter’s current to distort your view.

Hidden 3 Stage Filtration System

3 stage filtration is important because aquarium water quality is best maintained by a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. 

The Fluval Edge comes with foam media which mechanically filters out particles as well. The second layer consists of Biomax ceramic cylinders, which provide immense amounts of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize. 

These bacteria convert nitrogenous waste products like ammonia into less toxic compounds and are essential to a healthy ecosystem. Last comes a single activated carbon sachet to pull out organic molecules via a chemical-based approach!

Best of all, the filtration unit is hidden from view thanks to the top cover. I personally love these types of set ups that hide this equipment from view!

In terms of gallons per hour this unit has impressive turnover! At 100 Gal/hour we’re significantly over the minimum recommendation of four times your aquarium’s capacity per hour. 

With this much current you’ll see some sway in your plants and active fish like danios and tetras will get some exercise from the filter outflow!

21 LED Light System with Multiple Settings

This is one of my favorite features of the Fluval Edge. 21 LED bulbs for a 6-gallon tank provides a brilliant light that highlights fish, plants, and decor. 

The 6500K color temperature results in a white color that still has a touch of warmth. You’ll see an immediate improvement over standard incandescent and fluorescent hood fixtures, which tend to be both dimmer and warmer in color (more yellow/orange).

Also you can switch to a Deep Blue Nighttime option for a moonlit scene that creates a more ethereal character.

While the Fluval Edge provides vivid light for fish the output is on the middle to lower end in terms of what aquatic plants need. 

Low light plants like Java Fern and Anubias will display lush growth but carpeting plants and other light hungry types won’t do as well.

Space Saving Setup

This kit is a space saver as well. At 16.9 x 10.25 x 14 inches (43 x 26 x 35.5 cm) the Fluval Edge is perfectly sized for any countertop, desk, or tabletop that can handle the weight. 

Also, a 6-gallon setup is light enough for many places a larger aquarium would not work. Since the Fluval Edge is so compact and flexible they don’t manufacture a specific stand for it. However, the countertop sized aquarium rarely needs one.

Cycling and Water Conditioning Agents Included

Sometimes we forget that even full of water an aquarium isn’t ready to host all of the fish we have in mind. Chlorine and a lack of beneficial bacteria are major issues that stall the final steps toward fish.

Fluval includes their proprietary Cycle Biological Enhancer, which directly seeds your aquarium with the bacteria you need to break down fish waste. Ammonia is converted into nitrite and then nitrate, a chemical much lower in toxicity. Biological Enhancer is meant to be added when you add your first few fish to break down their waste products. 

These bacteria eventually find their way into the filtration system and colonize the Biomax ceramic cylinders over the course of a few weeks. Without Fluval Cycle this process can take up to two months.

The second product is Fluval Aqua Plus Water Conditioner, one of my favorite additions because it combines both de-chlorinator and stress coat in a single bottle. 

Whenever you add water you need to deactivate the chlorine and chloramine municipal water companies use to kill bacteria and viruses. Aqua Plus deactivated chlorine agents as well as heavy metals that leach out from older piping systems.

Lastly, a liberal dose of aloe vera gently stimulates fish gills and skin to produce healthy levels of slime, boosting immunity and gill function.

Alternatives to the Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

Fluval Flex 9 Gallon Aquarium

Fluval has several minimalistic, all-inclusive aquarium setups and the Fluval Flex models are worth a look. Instead of a 6 sided viewing design the Fluval Flex 9 Gallon (as well as the 15 and 32.4 Gallon tanks) focuses on the bowed front and sides. 

A key feature of the Fluval Flex 9 Gallon is the 36 White and 3 RGB LED bulbs built into the hood. This outputs enough illumination for plants that need medium to relatively high light levels, such as Amazon Swords and carpeting substrate plants. 

I’d consider the Fluval Flex 9 Gallon if you want more light output and water volume for a higher fish population! It also has a price advantage relative to the Fluval Edge.

Fluval Flex Vs. Fluval Edge

Fluval Flex 9 Gallon

  • Room for more fish!
  • Brighter 39 LED light system
  • Larger filtration unit
  • Bowed front

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

  • Smaller, lightweight setup
  • 6 viewing angles
  • Consumes less power

5 Gallon Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

Fluval’s minimalistic aesthetic is impressive and the Fluval Spec V competes with the Edge for the most polished look.

In this model the filtration unit is shifted to one side, allowing for clear viewing straight through the aquarium. The Spec V has slightly less volume but a tall style design for a different aesthetic than the Edge 6 Gallon.

The Fluval Spec V is another tank better suited to raising aquatic plants. With 36 LED lights channeled into a smaller footprint, the Spec V can even grow demanding plants like Dwarf Baby Tears. 

If you’re not a fan of the larger footprint of the Fluval Edge or need more light output for plants the Fluval Spec V is a very competitive choice!

Fluval Spec V Vs. Fluval Edge

Fluval Spec V 5 Gallon

  • High power 36 LED light system
  • Tall aquarium style
  • More affordable than Fluval Edge

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

  • Spacious rectangular layout
  • 6 viewing angles
  • More space for plants

MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium

MarineLand’s 5 Gallon Portrait Glass is a good alternative: a tall style aquarium with the same hidden filtration system and minimal character as Fluval’s designs.

With 9 white and 6 blue LED bulbs, the MarineLand 5 Gallon is more subtly lit, reducing power consumption. However, it also includes a moonlight glow setting similar to the Fluval Edge.

Best of all, the 10 x 10-inch footprint enables you to place it nearly anywhere in the home or office.

If you prefer both a taller design and aren’t as interested in live plant cultivation the MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait Glass is a great choice. It’s also a better bargain than any of Fluval’s models while taking up next to no space.

MarineLand Portrait Vs. Fluval Edge

MarineLand 5 Gallon Portrait

  • Least space-consuming tank
  • Tall aquarium style
  • Significantly more affordable than Fluval models

Fluval Edge 6 Gallon

  • Stronger 21 LED light output
  • 6 viewing angles
  • More space for plants


The Fluval Edge 6 Gallon is my top recommendation for any aquarist who wants to balance aesthetics with ease of setup. 

6 gallons is a very manageable size for a sturdy desk or spacious countertop, negating the need for a costly stand. Also, everything you need besides decorations, a heater, and fish are included in the box. 

And in my view, the recessed base, edgeless style, and sealed top have a polished grace the alternative kits lack.

If you’re as charmed by the Fluval Edge as I am, I recommend having a look on Amazon when you get a moment!