About The Witty Fish

Hello, my name is Tim and I am the brains behind The Witty Fish, no pun intended.

Why did I decide to create this website? If you’re like me you probably grew up with some type of aquarium or fish tank in your home. I remember going to the pet store with my parents and picking out various Tetras, Neons, and Guppies to name a few.  One of my favorite things was breeding guppies. Selecting different colors, placing them together and waiting to see the results. It was always exciting to see how the different genes would mesh and result in uniquely colored fish.

I would spend some time staring into the tank but eventually lose interest and go and do other kid things. I had little understanding of the complex system that sat before my eyes.

This was even the case into my adulthood until recently when I decided to take a closer look at what was going on behind that glass and turn it into a real passion rather than an afterthought. 

I created this website in part to educate myself as well as anyone else who would like to dive into this hobby and turn it into a passion.

About My Content

Everything you read on this site has either been written or carefully edited by me to ensure accurate and well-written information. If you find any glaring inaccuracies or misinformation please contact me with the details and I will review the content in question. I strive to provide the best content possible.

Much of the content involving aquariums will naturally include many different types of gear gadgets and gizmos. I do my best to try and get my hands on the items mentioned to provide you with the best, least biased information. But with the wide array of products available and a limited budget I may also rely on the feedback and experiences of others who have used these products.

Ethical Fishkeeping

Before this truly became a passion of mine I didn’t know or think too much about some of the ethics and issues involved with the industry.

I never put much thought into those goldfish given away at fairs, or that sad betta fish stuck in a tiny fishbowl. Nor did I know anything about the more serious issues like the effects of the aquarium trade on reefs, wild fish populations, and our oceans.

With these things in mind, I do my best to promote ethical fishkeeping and highlight known issues so that you the reader are aware. This hobby can be enjoyed while also being ethical and environmentally friendly.

Who is this site for and why should you read it?

  • Do you enjoy the sound of trickling water and a vibrant display of aquatic life?
  • Do you want to learn more about aquarium fish, invertebrates, plants, and equipment?
  • Do you want an impressive aquarium along the lines of “Tank’d” to show off to your friends and family?
  • Are you concerned about the ethical and environmental issues related to fish keeping?
  • Do you want to see this enjoyable hobby last for generations to come?

This site is for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their understanding of fish, fish keeping and aquariums. So if this sounds like you I invite you to dig in and start here