What’s the Best Betta Fish Tank?

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Are you looking to get a new Betta? Or do you already have one but want to give the little fish the tank it deserves? If so let’s take a look at some of the best betta fish tanks available. 

Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish are one of the most popular aquarium fish for good reason. Colorful, hardy, and affordable, Betta fish make great finned companions. Despite their popularity, there are an awful lot of misconceptions about the needs of Betta fish. This can lead to a lot of abuse and neglect.

In this article we review the following betta tanks:

Read on below to find out the things you need to keep in mind when selecting your Betta fish tank.

Betta Tank Needs

There are some key things about your tank & environment that you must consider. These include tank size, water temperature, filtration, lighting and tank style.

Ideal Betta Tank Size

The size of the fish tanks Bettas are often kept in is a controversial topic. Especially among more seasoned fish keepers. We have all seen the little containers these fish are kept in at pet stores. They are often in cute little bowls or tiny desktop aquariums. These are marketed as suitable Betta containers but they are not.

Although cute, convenient, and compact, these are not the best fish tank for your betta. These betta fish tanks are much TOO SMALL! While you may think they are cute and convenient, your betta will be miserable and unhealthy. This will most likely lead to an inactive betta with a reduced lifespan.

To have a healthy, happy betta, you need at least a 3 gallon tank. A 5 gallon tank or more is best. Aside from making your betta happier, you will not have to do water changes as often with a larger tank. My personal betta aquarium is a 10 gallon tank and I am quite happy with it.

Keep in mind that the minimum size recommendation is for 1 Betta. Due to their aggressive nature male Bettas must be kept alone unless you are trying to breed them. You do have the option of installing tank dividers to keep multiple Bettas separate. If you choose to do this you will need a larger tank to give each Betta enough room. Female Bettas which are less showy can be kept in groups called “sorority tanks”. These tanks will, of course, need to be larger as well, so choose a 10 gallon tank or greater.

Water Temperature

Another downside to the small Betta bowls or Betta fish tanks is the fact that they are not heated. Even worse, these small containers are more prone to temperature fluctuations. This may not kill your Betta but will certainly cause negative stress.

Bettas are a tropical fish and as such need a consistent warm temperature. The ideal temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. While there are many small preset tank heaters available you should avoid these. While many brands advertise their heaters as set to 78 degrees they will often over or under heat. You will not be able to adjust the temperature if this is the case. So, go with an adjustable heater if you have the option.

Tank Filtration System

Yes, just like other aquarium fish Bettas need some type of filtration system. While they do originate in small ponds of murky water they still need good water quality. The natural ecosystems they are native to keeps the water clean and oxygenated despite the appearance.

As stated earlier, they are hardy fish. They can be kept alive in cups with stale un-oxygenated water. But this is due to a remarkable adaptation called a labyrinth organ. This allows them to breathe air from the surface of the water. So while they do need an adequate filtration system they do not need a bubbler.

There are many different types of filters available for small fish tanks that do the job. The only thing you need to consider is the water flow created by the filter. Due to their large showy fins, bettas do not do well in current and will avoid any if present in your tank. A 10 gallon or larger tank will allow more room to disperse any current. Likewise, the smaller the tank the more of an issue this may become.

If the current is a problem in your setup you can place a sponge or pre-filter at the outlet. This will disperse or decrease the current outflow to an acceptable level. Or if you have an adjustable flow pump you can simply turn it down.

Tank Style, Lighting and Decor

Fancy tank styles and lighting are not essential things for your betta fish. So make sure you don’t place form before function. These things are for our enjoyment and can make your tank the center of any room.

A good LED lighting system will display your colorful betta fish tank in all its glory. LED aquarium lights come in a variety of sizes and colors to meet any need. If you are going to have live aquarium plants make sure to get lights that are powerful enough and have a wide light spectrum. Doing so will make your aquarium plants healthier and more visually appealing.

Cubes, bow fronts, cylinders, and rectangles are some of the shapes that aquarium tanks come in. Before you buy a tank make sure you have the proper stand to put it on. Some specialty tanks will need a custom base or stand. Another consideration to keep in mind is the ease of keeping the tank clean. Tall narrow tanks like cylinders can be a pain to clean while the standard rectangle is a breeze.

Aside from tank style and lighting feel free to add whatever decor you prefer. Be aware though that anything with sharp edges may damage the bettas delicate fins. And don’t forget some Marimo Moss Balls. Bettas absolutely love them!

So What is The Best Betta Fish Tank Available?

Now that we have discussed the important aspects of what makes for the best Betta fish tank. Let’s find the right tank for you. I chose 6 of the best aquarium kits available and broke all the details down below.

Many of these betta fish tanks are available without the kits. So if you want premium accessories it would be best to buy all of the parts separately. But if you’re looking to get started right away any one of these tank kits will serve you well.

For those of you who insist on a smaller tank, this is the smallest I would recommend for your betta. The key selling point and what I like best about this tank is the design. The Moai head centerpiece looks perfect in this little cube tank. It’s also very affordably priced.

While it comes with a filter and LED lighting it is missing a heater. So if you do choose to go with this tank please buy a small heater. You may also need to buy an aftermarket filter as the pump in the one provided is noisy and prone to issues.

One downside to this betta fish tank is the fact that is not a flass tank but instead is made of acrylic. This means that it will scratch much easier. 


  • Attractive design
  • Hood includes cutouts for feeding and aftermarket filter
  • Affordable


  • The filter pump is loud and prone to issues
  • Acrylic construction is easily scratched

This Aqueon kit comes with a standard rectangular shaped 10 gal tank. While it may not have the interesting design some of you may be looking for, it’s a breeze to clean and maintain.

Your Betta will also be very happy with the more than adequate 10-gallon size. The larger 10-gallon size also gives you the option for other tank mates. I prefer shrimp in a set up like this.

This betta fish tank kit comes with all the essentials you will need to get started. This includes a filter, heater, thermometer, hood, LED lights, fish food, and a fishnet. A neat feature on the filter provided is an LED that blinks red when it’s time to change the cartridge. While a neat feature, some users have questioned the accuracy of this light. It may show a needed change far too early.

While other betta fish tanks don’t come with a heater this one does. Depending upon your room temperature though it may be a little underpowered. Make sure you pay attention to the tank temperature for the first week or more. Remember, bettas need a temperature of around 78 degrees F.


  • 10-gallon size can accommodate additional aquarium inhabitants
  • The filter has an LED light that indicate when the cartridge needs replacement
  • Good all around aquarium for the price\
  • Includes a tank heater


  • Hood is not hinged
  • LED lights provided are prone to failure
  • The silicone sealant job is sometimes sloppy
  • The heater may be underpowered for some climates

The Fluval Spec V aquarium kit 5 gallon is a sleek little aquarium that has a lot of things going for it. It has a very modern design with an LED light bar and an enclosed internal filter. The lights are bright enough to support low light aquatic plants as well.

This tank has a long narrow design that makes it an easy fit for a shelf or desktop. But make sure that the platform you are placing it on can handle a little bit of weight.

The only downside is that this Betta tank doesn’t have a heater. The plus side to this is that you can conceal a small heater in the filter compartment. This will keep the clean look of the Fluval Spec V Aquarium.

Like many pumps, the output flow is a bit much for bettas to handle. You can fix this by adding a filter sponge to the outlet or placing decor in front of it. Fluval makes a pre-filter sponge that works perfectly for this.


  • Sleek design
  • Concealed filter chamber
  • Bright LED lights with an on/off touch sensor switch
  • Space to hide heater in the filter compartment


  • Pump output flow may be too powerful for bettas
  • LED light fixture needs to be removed for cleaning or maintenance
  • Clear plastic cover is a little flimsy

The Marineland ML90609 Portrait aquarium kit 5 gallon has a tall upright design. This allows it to take up less floor space than other 5 gallon betta fish tanks. It also has visually pleasing rounded corners instead of square edges which many people. This tank would look very good on the corner of your work desk.

The LED lights are quite bright and the fixture folds out of the way for easy tank maintenance. You won’t have to remove it like the LED fixtures on other betta fish tanks which is a nice feature. Like the Fluval Spec V aquarium kit mentioned above, this tank keeps the filter hidden in a separate compartment in the back. However, the plastic lid that covers this compartment is flimsy and not well designed.

This kit comes with everything except the heater. Which if small enough can be placed in the filter compartment. There really aren’t any serious weak points with this tank kit and it would serve your betta fish well.


  • Upright Design with rounded corners
  • LED light fixture flips out of the way for easy maintenance
  • 3 different light settings
  • Space to hide heater in the filter compartment


  • Filter compartment is flimsy and cheap

The thing you will notice right off with this glass tank is the unique curved or bowed design. This gives it a premium look unlike that of other tanks. The downside to this is that it does distort the view from the front a bit.

The Fluval Flex 57 is listed as a 15-gallon tank but usable capacity is more like 10-13 gallons. This is due to the curved front and filter compartment in the back. There is also a 9-gallon version of the Fluval Flex and it has the same reduced usable capacity. So if you like the tank but want something closer to a 5 gallon go with the Fluval Flex 9 gallon.

Another unique feature on this tank is the honeycomb grid pattern around the top few inches of the tank. This was designed to provide cover to hide the visible water line of the tank. Some people like this feature and some do not. It can obscure the view of your Betta when your fish is at the water line.

This tank also comes with a remote for the LED lights. With it you can set all kinds of special lighting modes such as cloud cover, and lightning. This is a bit gimmicky but some of you may enjoy playing around with the different options.


  • Hidden rear filter compartment
  • Remote adjustable LED color blends
  • Pump outflow can be adjusted up and away from your betta
  • Space in filter compartment to hide a heater


  • Usable capacity of the tank is less than advertised
  • Tank lid does not have a hinge

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is a standard rectangular tank design with hang on back filter. It is available in 5, 10 and even a 20-gallon tank if you want more than one Betta fish. I recommend the 10 gallon for most applications.

This tank kit comes with some important things other kits do not which will help get you started on the right foot. This includes a water conditioner, a biological supplement (for nitrogen cycling) and an aquarium quick care guide. But unfortunately, it’s still missing the heater like most kits.

The filter pump itself runs quiet but has strong vibration that may rattle the cover and tank lid. A little tinkering and possibly some silicone sealant or padding can correct this.

The lid is on the cheap side and doesn’t have a hinge. This means it has to be completely removed if you are doing anything but feeding your Betta. It also has a feeding hole with no cover that may provide a way for a wild Betta to escape. If you have one of these Bettas be sure to cover the hole with something.

Overall, this is a great starter tank with nearly everything you need to get started.


  • Adjustable filter runs quietly
  • LED lights are adequate for low light aquatic plants
  • Includes water conditioner, biological supplement, and quick care guide


  • The lid is flimsy and has no hinge
  • The filter may need padding to quiet vibrations


So which of the 6 is the best Betta fish tank kit? It depends if you are more concerned with style or a complete kit with more options. If you fall into the latter category as I do the Marina LED Aquarium is the clear winner.

Your Betta will have plenty of room to stretch in the 10 gallons of water. Its larger size also gives you the option to add some tank companions like shrimp or possibly other bettas. The standard rectangular shape allows easy access and makes maintenance very easy. his is in contrast to the sleek tanks with the hard to reach filter compartments.

It has a quality “hang on back” standard style filter that could easily be replaced with another if needed. The filter pump has adjustable flow and isn’t too much for a betta as long as the water gets topped off.

You will still need to buy a heater with this kit but it does come with some other helpful accessories that other kits do not.

You can also add some live aquarium plants. Please check out my Best Plants For Betta Fish post for my recommendations.

Authors Note to New Fish Keepers!

Don’t forget to cycle your tank properly after you get it set up. Not doing so could result in “New Tank Syndrome” which can kill your little Betta. Water quality is very important. If you don’t know anything about nitrogen cycling and would like to learn more please read about how to Cycle Your Tank.

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